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It’s all about keeping a Schedule

Trying to keep up with cleaning the house is hard when you fall off the wagon of following a schedule. It gets very stressful when you realize you’ve fallen and now are trying to get up. It becomes stressful mainly because you get mad at yourself for not keeping up with it. At least I do! Then there’s a shit-ton of cleaning to do and it gets very overwhelming for me.

Yes, I do have a partner that probably should help

Even though I’m married and I should be sharing the house duties but it’s actually all me doing 95% of the house chores. My husband works 12+ hours a day usually. He starts anywhere from 12 AM to 3 AM and doesn’t get home until 4 or 6 PM. So having him do anything around the house is hard. I feel bad asking him sometimes because im sure the last thing he wants to do is clean when he gets home.

I don’t know, Am I wrong to think it’s okay that he doesn’t pitch in with chores as much as other Husbands due that have a regular 9 to 5 job?!

Do you have a cleaning schedule?

Personally, I was on Pinterest for hours looking for the perfect list to print that would fit my house needs and I ended up creating my own. But I did copy the Zone’s idea which allows you to basically clean by zones daily and weekly. It actually is not overwhelming either and some days it takes me only 10 min while another it might take me 30 minutes. BUT I only clean on the weekdays allowing myself to spend time with the family during the weekend.

Momlearningonthejobcleaning list
You can see I have all the zones below and then what I do each day. It honestly is so nice to have a schedule to follow. This is not a DEEP clean but enough for us to keep ourselves sane in a clean house.

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