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Top 8 Items to pack in your Hospital Bag

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Are you ready to pack for the hospital?

First off, congratulations! This is very exciting.

It can be very overwhelming to make sure you have everything you need. Personally, I read a lot of different lists and was very overwhelmed with how much I thought I needed to bring with me to the hospital. I over-packed even when I kept saying to myself, the hospital is across the street from my house, literally. If anything, my husband could go home and get me what I needed. From talking to a few friends who had recently had a baby, the eight items were mentioned by each one. These are the top 8 items you want to have with you. I also created a free printable blank hospital list for you to download and fill out for yourself. You can find the download at the bottom of the page. 

1. Toiletries – Unless you’re a fan of travel-size shampoo and conditioner, you will want to bring some of your own. Target and Amazon (Click here to view which ones I use)  are great places to get travel-size toiletries or containers or bottles for you to reuse. I’m a fan of recycling, so I bought a pack a while back and use them when we travel. 

2. Comfortable loose Pants and shirt – The big mistake I read is that many new moms bring their pre-pregnancy clothes. You will not fit into those instantly, no matter how tiny you are! Bring an outfit for photos but while you’re there you will want to be comfortable. Sweatpants or shorts and a loose top will be perfect. Depending on the season that you are having your child, anything loose will be the best bet. 

3. Breastfeeding/nursing pillow (if you are planning on breastfeeding) –  My best friend orginal nursing posture pillow is amazing and will help so much with your back. It will help you once the baby is latched on, providing the baby support and a “free hand” for you! I recommend it 100%!!! I bought mine at Buy Buy Baby for $40 thanks to the 20% off coupon they sent out.

4. Old Shower Towel – When you take the first shower after delivery, you have an amazing feeling that you don’t want to use your favorite towel. There will be blood, and you will be pissed that it’s on your favorite towel. The hospital provides you with a towel, but its the size of your newborn, so bring an old towel you could care less about.

5. Nursing Pads (if you plan on breastfeeding) – Yes, bring them and get used to wearing them. Honestly, I’m all about ECO-friendly products, and I bought Bamboobies Washable Reusable Nursing Pads. I was disappointed because they sucked. No matter what shirt you wore, you could see that something was in my bra! I was upset that I could not use them. A friend of mine told me she uses disposable nursing pads and they work great. I actually received a free sample with my Nipple Cream from Lansinoh, tried them out, and loved them. I went to Buy Buy Baby and bought the Lansinoh Nursing Pads they work great! I could wear them without having to worry if they are visible through a shirt.

6. Slippers / Flip Flops – I promise, regardless if you get the epidural or not, your body will swell up after the baby due to the saline they give you. I did not get the epidural, and my feet got huge!!! The “comfy hospital socks” were not comfy; the XL DID NOT fit, and they were cutting off my circulation. I thought I would wear socks and not have to have any slippers or flip-flops, I had to call my parents and have them bring me flip-flops.

7. Lip Balm – As silly as it may seem, your lips will get chapped. We all know how crappy it feels when our lips are burning and all you want is your favorite lip balm. Personally, I’m plain Jane when it comes to “beauty” products; I’ve been using Blistex since high school. I love it because it always leaves my lips smooth, regardless of how chapped they are.

8. Nipple Cream (if you plan on breastfeeding)- I was so happy I brought my nipple cream because, unless you’ve breastfed before, you will get sore or chapped nipples very fast due to improper latching. I read about a lot of different brands of nipple cream. I remember reading and hearing from a friend that some left stains on their bras. I ran into Lansinoh Lanolin Nipplecreams for Breastfeeding, thanks to “Top 100 Items to Add to Your Registry on Amazon,” and the reviews were all 4+. I went with it and loved it; it worked great and never left any stains on my bras. Also, small tubes were perfect because I put a tube in my purse, nursing pillow pocket, and diaper bag; it was always there when I needed it!

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