The Making of a Mom- Book Review

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The Making of a mom

The Making of a mom: my unexpected Journey through birth and adoption- Book Review

4 stars

I joined NetGalley so I can get start reviewing more books for new writers. I came Across The Making of a Mom because my favorite Genre is Memoirs and I was looking for stories about mom’s journeys. I am so glad I choose to read this book.

Quick Summary 

Kimberly Severn is a young woman who had planned out her life by the time she was 12. Her Quest to have a perfect life started early. Getting to her perfect life was very un-perfect. Nate, her husband, and her sat down with the Pastor for their pre-marital counseling sessions and she found out Nate did not want kids! She brushed it off when the question was directed at her and thought she would tackle the bump when they got there. 

Kim always has a plan before she does anything. So she made sure to catch Nate at the right time to talk about babies, which went very well! 

Not only did Kim have a hard pregnancy but after the birth of their son Theo, she had a massive complication that would make any person stress and become depressed. Yet, Kim was a fighter and came out of it like a champ. Due to her complication after the birth of Theo, doctors advised her not to carry a second baby if they wanted to have another child. 

Since Kim is a very planned out person, she needed to get Nate on board with Adoption. She made sure all her ducks were in a row before she even brought up the idea to Nate. Once Nate agreed and they finally adopted their baby girl Rhys. 

The young couple that gave Rhys up for adoption seemed like a nightmare and the fact that Kim and Nate survived dealing with them the first few years is great. 

In the end, Kim finally has her perfect life of two kids, a husband, and a dog.  


I want to start by saying that I think Kim is a very strong person to have survived successfully after a very tough journey for the past 8 years.

The post-Theo pregnancy complication would have made me angry with myself and the doctors, yet she stayed focused and was able to recover. To be honest, her issue was the biggest reason why I gave birth without any medication. I’ve known a few people with similar issues and I just know I would be very upset at myself if it happens to me. Her accepting the doctor saying she should not carry another child was very hard for me to read. I cried for her. Yet again, She is so strong to have come to terms that she can not have another baby. 

I can’t believe the way the adoption agency treated them and their responses when they asked for help with the Birth-parents. I was happy to read the outcome of what happened for the sake of Kim and Nate finally being free and breath. Both of them did a great job of making sure Rhys would know about her journey of how she came to them.  

Favorite Part

My Favorite chapter was Me, Depression, and Babies. This was when Kim realized what she had to do to come out of depression and finally stood up and made the changed that were needed to be made almost right away. 

Is this for you? 

I recommend anyone interested in adoption to read this book. Kim does an amazing job of talking about her journey from start to finish. 

If you are a mother who has experienced “not being able to birth a baby” I also recommend this to you, to see how Kim was able to overcome that in a positive way. 

P.S. Her dogs’ name is Chinook