Weekly Learning- 9/13/2019

wordpress imageI made the switch from Wix to WordPress this week and im excited to learn more code and fill this place up with rich content for you all to read. 

Making the decision to switch was not hard, it actually was simple. But figuring out if I should go with .com or .org was hard. I spend about 4 hrs reading and watching YouTube on both platforms. Then finally once I made the decision to go with .org I hit another bump in the road. Who do I host it with? (Ah- Yes, HOST!!) I had to then research about Hosting. I consider myself pretty tech savvy and can figure things out pretty quickly so the fact that I had to spend another 2 hours of researching was not fun! BUT long and behold I figured it out, because I believed in myself and found the host for me.  

I am apart of a facebook group that has lots of rich content about building websites. In the last year or so, I honestly didn’t really participate in any content. I joined to learn and to see what others were having issues with and what type of things web designers had questions about and how they were answered. The wonderful Tracie Fobes has this great FREE (No I am not getting paid to drop her name) step by step tutorial of building your site from the ground up and she is definable a person I recommend looking up. She has created a lot of great content for all users.

SO… Learning list for this week:

  1. .org is more beneficial in the long run especially if you want to actually own your own content and have lots of freedom. But CODE Knowledge is not mandatory but recommended.
  2. Host deals with who is going to actually deliver your site to your viewers… again… whatever that means
  3. As frustrating as it was moving everything over and trying to not get upset, and by upset I mean throw my computer across the room, after rewriting the same paragraph 10 times in 2 hours once I was able to actually get it, it was VERY satisfying.
  4. I am sticking to my planning schedule which I did fall of the wagon for in a while
  5. Facebook groups are great once you find the ones that benefit you and you are able to provide benefits back
  6. Youtube has Everything and Anything, without YouTube, I think we would ALL be LOST

To sum up- if you want to get shit done, stay focused, think positive and ask for help


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