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S.M.A.R.T Personal Goal Setting: Examples, Free Template

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Overwhelmed no more!

Have you ever created a SMART goal while at school or work? It may sound silly but creating one SMART goal at a time will help you reevaluate your problems and make you less overwhelmed one week at a time.

What is a SMART goal?

SMART goals are specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic and time-based. Hence the acronym.

How to set a SMART Goal:

Setting a Smart goal is key in being less overwhelmed. It’s important to make sure the overall Smart goal you set for the week is realistic and achievable.

First Identify the “big picture” of what you are overwhelmed by. For example, lots of people get overwhelmed by a messy house.  

Then, breakdown the “big picture”, so in this case- “what areas of the house are always messy that cause you stress?”

Finally, create a daily action plan to not have the messy areas in the house.  

Pro Tip: Using a Template to create SMART goals is one of the best ways to be successful in creating the right type of goal. Get your download below.

Smart Goal Settings

So let’s create a smart goal together

I will be using the example of having a messy house to create a smart goal for the week.

“S” Specific- What EXACTLY will you do? The overall goal needs to be specific.

  • I will be spending 20 minutes a day cleaning one area of the house to keep it from being messy. I should be feeling better in 2 weeks of a mess-free house.

“M” Measurable- How will I know if you have met your goal?  

  • After the first week, I will sit down and reevaluate the cleaning routine and spend 15 min a day in each area of the house.

“A” Achievable- What STEPS are you going to take to reach your goal?

  • Step 1: Create a weekly routine cleaning schedule
  • Step 2: Set timer for 20 minutes each day
  • Step 3: Reevaluate the routine and adjust if needed after the first week

“R” Realistic/ Relevant- Will this goal make a difference in helping me be less overwhelmed

  • Since a messy house is causing the overwhelmed feeling, having a daily cleaning schedule should help

“T” Time – Is your deadline realistic for what your goal is?

  • Giving myself 2 weeks to get used to a cleaning schedule and hopefully decrease the cleaning time, because after the first few times of cleaning it should be less messy. The time frame is realistic and seems achievable.

Pro Tip: Download the free template “Overwhelmed no more” to get you on the right track.

With the above example, I created an achievable and realist goal which should help with feeling overwhelmed daily.

A Few Tips for Setting a SMART Goal

Phrase your goal in a positive statement

Set Priorities when you have created more than one SMART Goal. It will be hard to try and achieve all your SMART goals at once

Write down your goal because if we write it down it will get done. Check out my post about writing it down will get us to get it done.

Keep the SMART goal low level to make sure the overall big goal is achieved

Create Realistic Goals that you know you can achieve and not those that are very unachievable.

Here’s the thing, we can sit and create a lot of SMART goals but the important part is to get moving to make sure you are accomplishing your goal.

Check out my “Weekly get Moving Agenda” printable to further help you in accomplishing your SMART GOAL.

It’s always a great idea to reevaluate and adjust your SMART goals as you grow. Even if you have failed to achieve your SMART goal by the time you wrote down, it is okay. You did not fail because you worked hard and did your best, you just need to adjust the SMART goal to make achieve it for next time.

Sum It All Up

Setting a goal is important to get yourself to feeling accomplished and less overwhelmed but making sure your goal is SMART will give you a better chance of achieving what you want.

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