Lazy like his Mama

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Has he gotten to the Milestone of:

This week a few things have changed as we hit our 3-month mark. I feel like I constantly look at what milestone he should be at and worry if he has achieved them by the time he “should.” I not only have an application I use but google stuff every day! He refuses to do tummy time but only wants to walk! Since my milk supply has decreased significantly I’ve been adding formula to my son’s daily feedings. So far I give him formula twice a day, around 9/10 am and 3/4 pm. I will say, bottle feeding is more work because of all the bottles that need to be cleaned. Also, remembering to use nursing water and not filtered water. Along with researching which formula is the best for your baby. Looking to see which ingredients you should avoid. From researching all this is said to avoid Nucleotides and L-Carnitine but no formula is actually avoiding it. I ended up getting the Costco Kirkland brand because it’s really Enfamil with Kirkland’s name on it and $25 cheaper!!!

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Lazy Boy

So my son has spent the last four days eating mostly from a bottle and he has figured out that it’s way less work to eat from a bottle then the boob. So, the last two days he actually didn’t want to eat from my boob.

He would have hungry cries, I’d attempt to shove my boob in his mouth and he would refuse it. I was like “what is your issue, dude?! I know you’re hungry, so eat!” Then I tried giving him the bottle and he started eating. I have figured out that he is just like his mom. Lazy when it comes to certain thing, already! My fridge is full of food but it’s food I need to actually cook since I’m lazy to cook for myself, I will eat bread and cheese instead of spending 15 minutes to make a meal!!! I know, I suck. So my son is like “why should I work to eat when the bottle is so much easier and faster?!?!” I will say I’m glad he isn’t having an issue with using a bottle. I know there are a lot of people that have issues with their child eating from a bottle since they are used to eating from the boob!

Side note: It feels great to be able to leave him with someone for about 5 hours now and for me to go out and get things done without worrying that it has been 3 hours already and its time to pump or feed him.

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