If you write it down you will most likely get it done, they say.

Recently I have noticed my lack of “getting things done” around the house. I walked into my house the other day and felt overwhelmed. My sons toys, my husbands stuff and on top of that all of my stuff was all over the place. I felt like a bad wife and if anyone was to enter my house, they would think “wow, this place is a mess!.” I was telling my husband yesterday how I felt like even though I work from home, I still can’t find the time (and the motivation, really) to clean. Since my husband works a lot and doesn’t spend a lot of time at home, I can’t blame all of it on him. We are both messy people overall and we have talked about trying to be less messy to set a good example for our son. I’m starting to find that to be harder than I thought. I read somewhere that if you really want something accomplished you need to write it down and put it in front of you. I also remember the sticky note commercial telling me that! So I’ve made a cleaning list and a “Get things done for fall” list. I’m hoping I will find the motivation from looking at them! So, I spend this afternoon cleaning the house and hoping to start on my “cleaning list” tomorrow to attempt to keep the house looking less of a mess. Honestly, I just ask myself “how do these moms get it ALL done and make it look so easy.” I don’t think I’ll ever be that mom in terms of being able to get it ALL done but I’m doing my best to be keep it ALL together!

On another note, since switching to formula with my son, I thought he would maybe eat a little more but not as often. To my surprise he is eating more but just as often as when I was nursing him. I am starting to notice that he is starting to sit up on his own without needing help and semi curious about food. I am looking forward to the day the doctor gives us the okay for purees and solid foods!!! My aunt bought my a Beaba Babycook blender and steamer and I’ve been YouTubing on how the thing works and what I can do with it. I honestly feel like its another appliance but we will see. It’s kind of an all in one so that should be nice. A friend of mine was talking about a concept called led baby feeding and I’m very interesting in that but then I think about the carpet in the living room. Maybe if our son destroys it, we will get hardwood floors faster. I do like the concept of having them feed themselves from the start but the mess that my son is going to create from that is a bit scary at the moment. I’m sure in the next month or so I

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