Diaper Bag Issue Solved

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Finding the right diaper bag is a challenge. The questions of:

– Will everything fit?
– Will I like how it looks?
– What is the review of the bag? – Are there enough pockets for everything?
– Where can I put the bottles?

When I was on a search for a bag, I was looking for something that I knew my husband would not have an issue carrying around. Heck, I am not the only one that will be carrying this diaper bag but I didn’t want to hear it from him so I needed to find something he didn’t mind carrying. I knew that a backpack was the best option.


Amazon for the win!

So I went on smile.amazon.com and starting looking up different types of diaper backpacks. I stumbled upon one that I really liked by Hap Tim. It looked very multi-functional, allowed me to carry my laptop, insulated pockets and really did and does look like a regular backpack. So far, we are very happy with it. My husband doesn’t have any issues and actually doesn’t mind carrying the bag around. Personally, I hate purses. I don’t carry one around, I have my “wallet” attached to my phone ( that can be for another blog) so I knew that this was going to be a win!

When I was pregnant I looked and read about ways of keeping myself sane in packing the diaper bag and making sure I had everything I needed when I left the house. I’m a very simple person and usually get ready within ten minutes. I knew that I would already have to start getting ready to leave the house at least fifteen minutes before I needed to and adding the fact of having to pack the diaper bag would be even longer. So, I found two great suggestions that I’d love to share. First, anytime you come home make it a point to replenish whatever you used from the bag right away. This way you don’t need to worry if you have everything and pack last minute. I love just putting my son in his car seat and grabbing the backpack and walking out the door. Second, ALWAYS keep an extra shirt for yourself and husband. Do I really need to explain this one?!

I read about 15 different lists of what to pack in the bag and was overwhelmed. After the first few trips out of the house I knew exactly what I needed and what I did not. I am happy to say all of my Diaper bag issues have been resolved

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