Clear Label Project

Found dangerous chemicals in formula and baby food.

It has been a rough week or so. My son had issues sleeping (waking up every hour) and I could not figure out what was wrong. After speaking with my sister and a few other friends, I finally started adding cereal to his formula before bed. We also used the humidifier, he is back to his regular schedule. I have also started introducing him to puree foods.

I may have made a mistake in starting with an apple and banana but whatever, we all make mistakes. It is overwhelming reading all of the information about starting your child with puree. There are too many opinions on what to start with, how much they should have and when they should have it. I can probably create a full Pinterest board for just all that.

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Beaba Food Maker

I received a Beaba food maker at my shower and finally got to use it. I bought squash (bless my son for actually liking squash because I am not a fan), steamed it in the beaba and then pureed it. Also, I went on YouTube to figure out how to use the thing because the instruction book is semi-useless. They have a recipe book that makes you think “oh yay, I can make all these different meals” but after flipping past the second page, you realize its all the same stuff just in 10 different languages. I asked the doctor about starting him on puree at our 4 month apt and she said to start with the veggies first.

The point of the pureed food is for them to start getting used to the texture of the food, and once they transition to solids, it will be easier for them. It is not about making sure they get their vitamins and nutrients; therefore, the amount nor how many times a day is insignificant.

Mom Friends are great

A friend of mine told me today how it’s nice to have friends who have a child in the same age range to hear what each doctor has to say about our questions. I totally agree with her, we compare “notes” all the time and then google our questions as well, because who doesn’t trust the internet these days, right?

Clear Label Project

I stumbled upon the Clear Label Project. If you have not heard of them, please go visit their site. I will have to add that I was shocked to see and read about how a lot of these “best brand” formulas and baby food have tested positive for lead, arsenic and other dangerous chemicals. Once I read this I immediately looked up Kirkland formula (received a 5 out of 5, so they are good, can’t complain, Costco is the best!) and the earth’s best organic cereal and was shocked to find out that Earth’s best was given only 3 stars. That went right into the garbage, a waste of $6 or so.

If you are interested in this information visit to see more.

Also, they test dog and cat food. So our little “fur babies stay safe also!”