Breastfeeding, I can’t wait until it’s over!

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Before having my son, I knew that I was going to be breastfeeding. I was not looking forward to it because honestly having my child suck on my boobs just seems weird to me. I had a plan that I would also pump allowing my husband to get up in the middle of the night to feed our son, giving me a few extra hours of sleep. The keyword in that sentence is “plan” and to this day my husband has yet to feed him at night because my boobs fill up by feeding time and I might as well do it instead of the pump. Pumping is not my friend!

I did not research anything about breastfeeding and I regret it because the first week was hell!


At the hospital, the nurses told me to pump after every feeding. I listened to them because they deal with new moms on a daily basis, I relied on their knowledge. After the first day, I asked the nurse to have the lactation person come to assist me because I knew I was doing something wrong from the pain I was having when I was feeding my son. The lactation lady told me to avoid pumping after every feed. She thought it would be a good idea to come and see her after a few days of being at home to make sure I didn’t need more help and answer any questions I had. I was glad I made the appointment to see her!

My milk supply came in on the fourth day and it was painful! My boobs were engorged and I spend almost 3 hours pumping. By the time I went to my appointment I was pumping 12 times and feeding 10 times a day. So, for the first week of my sons’ life all I did was Feed, Pump for 25/30 minutes, have a 40 min break then back to Feed, Pump. I had so much milk, all I kept thinking was “this can’t be my new life, something has to change!!!”

The Lactation explained to me that if I’m feeding then pumping my body thinks I have triplets and that is why I am overproducing. She told me to work on pumping less and just giving him the boob. I went home and started researching how to slow down milk supple and came across CABBAGE! Yes, I thought that was crazy but people wrote that it worked, so I gave it a try. I put cabbage on my boobs for 3/4 hours for two days straight and pumped less. By the following week, I was only pumping three times a day and for no more than 15 minutes! Cabbage worked!!!!


Today I am pumping maybe four times a week if that. My milk supply slowed down and I am producing enough for my son to empty out my boobs for me, instead of the pump! But I’m still counting down until my son is able to start eating solids so I can get my boobs back! P.S I still think it’s weird for him to suck on my boob!

The Lactation person was a lifesaver! A few breastfeeding tips I learned from her:

1. DO NOT PUMP AFTER EVERY FEED (unless they are not eating from both boobs and/or not eating enough from the boob)

2. Position is EVERYTHING

3. If it hurts, something is wrong

4. Only pump for about 10-15 min


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  1. Xochil Silva

    What a journey! I ended mine when she was almost 3…I have heard about the cabbage before but never tried it. Hang in there mama.

    1. Momlearningonthejob

      Thanks, yes it was a hard one. Tell everyone about the cabbage!

  2. Chelsea

    I didn’t have the chance to breastfeed my older 2 but breastfeed my last one until she was 2. Longest 2 years of my life! I have to say the bonding time and knowing I was the only one that could provide for her was the best feeling. I can actually say I miss those moments!

  3. Momlearningonthejob

    Chelsea, bless your heart for sticking with it for 2 years! Long time- great job. I still get a lot of bonding time with my son but that’s because he’s only 2. I try to cherish every bit!

  4. Michelle Trotta

    I remember breastfeeding both of my kids and it was excruciating at first. I only lasted 4 months with both so kudos to you mama!!

    1. momlearningonthejob

      Yes, it’s crazy what our bodies can do!

  5. Amanda

    I think that breastfeeding is misrepresented as being easy because it’s such a “natural” thing. But for a lot of mamas, it’s not easy, it’s not natural, and sometimes it’s just not what is best for baby if it compromises mama’s mental health. I believe we should try as hard as we want to, and if it doesn’t work, formula will fill your babe’s tummy too! ❤️

    1. momlearningonthejob

      Very true- I’ve seen a few friends want to breastfeed but could not. It’s very misrepresented.

  6. Emily

    I am so torn between quitting and just waiting it out until she doesn’t need the boobs ?

    1. momlearningonthejob

      Agree! It’s a hard choice to make but you will make the right one!

  7. Katie

    I am almost 5 months into breastfeeding my daughter. With my first baby, breastfeeding didn’t work so this is a completely new ballgame for me. We got this mama! We are doing an amazing thing for our babies!

    1. momlearningonthejob

      You’re doing Amazing! 5 months in is already longer than me 🙂

  8. Noelle

    Hang in there mama! You’re doing a great job. This time will go by quickly.

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